The Academy of On

The word “On” signifies the Light of awakened consciousness, the divine “I Am.” The temples and halls of the academy in the city of On (in Egypt) constituted the greatest center of learning in the ancient world. The Roman historian Flavius Josephus reported that Abraham taught in this once great center. Manetho stated that Moses was a High Priest of the Brotherhood at On. Moses was “instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” Acts 7:22. The city of On or Annu (later called Heliopolis) was a stopover for the Holy Family while exiled in Egypt. At a sycamore fig tree, according to Coptic Christian teachings, Yeshua caused a spring with sweet water to come forth. “Out of Egypt I called my Son.” Mat. 2:15.

The work of the Academy of On links origins of the consciousness raising Light Program Israel to the present “space-time overlap” at the end of the cycle. Tree of Life teachings and the spiritual sciences of the many universes are preparation for the world to come.

For more on the Academy of On (including information on the Covenant of Light, higher thresholds, and the Altar to YHWH):

Click here for The Omega Charter (8 MB pdf file).

Pdf file: 10-4, 2016 “On”


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